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PÜSCHEL Automation - Production lines for masks
The demand for face masks made of non-woven fabric is increasing world-wide. PÜSCHEL supplies production lines for the manufacture of 3-layer surgical face masks for adults (Size 17.5 cm x 9.5 cm).

The manufacturing process comprises material feeding of the three pieces of non-woven fabric from spooling, folding and pressing, delivery of the nose clip as well as the positioning, ultrasonic welding, delivery and welding-on of the ear loops and then transfer to a conveyor belt. The interface for automatic packing is optional.

Ultrasonic welding means joining without the use of glue or screws or an external heat supply. Materials are melted by means of targeted ultrasonic vibration and firmly bonded. Ultrasonic welding is a production process with fast cycle times which provides a high level of process control and reproducible quality.

The tried-and-tested modular PÜSCHEL Standard is the basis for the mechanical and electrical design of the plant, and also the innovative control technology with a user-friendly interface for safe, easy operation.

The entire low-maintenance production system is designed to be energy-efficient and to comply with CE guidelines, so it conforms to European industrial standards.

With its dimensions of approx. 6m x 4m, the production unit is designed for continuous 24/7 operation with a cyclic output of up to 3,000 masks per hour.

By expanding the unit, cyclic output of up to 4,800 masks per hour can be achieved.

PÜSCHEL Automation - Production lines for masks

Production plant for masks Made by PÜSCHEL

The machine’s operating principle for face masks

PÜSCHEL Automation - Machine operating principle for face masks
  • Track 1, 2 and 3
    Three layers of non-woven material are unwound (2 protective layers and 1 filter layer)
  • Track 4
    Nose clip material (wire) is cut and brought to the layer of non-woven material
  • Ultrasound station  1
    Folding, positioning and welding of the longitudinal seams (including the internal nose clip material) and welding of the side seams; the mask is cut and turned by 90°.
  • Track 5
    Elastic material for ear loops is fed in
  • Ultrasound station 2
    Welding-on of elastic tapes to the mask
  • Subsequent stacking and packing

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PÜSCHEL Automation - Produktions­anlagen für Masken

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