Handling technology

PÜSCHEL Automation - Handling technology for smooth transfers

For problem-free transfers – guaranteed

PÜSCHEL handling technology ensures optimal automisation of work-piece handling, and our handling equipment ensures problem-free handover functions.

PÜSCHEL Automation - Automation of the workpiece handling
PÜSCHEL Automation - Our handling devices stand for smooth transfer functions.

PÜSCHEL linear units

The pneumatic linear units with a single degree of freedom are high-quality standard modules which ensure optimal automisation of the work-piece handling process, and every installation position is possible.

Different sizes with different cylinder diameters and strokes are always available.

PÜSCHEL pneumatic handling equipment

Pneumatic handling equipment with two degrees of freedom consists of standard modules for automating transfer functions.

There are several axis-related standard strokes. The basic module is the PÜSCHEL cross head, which creates a compact design with an optimal guide ratio: maximum precision for our customers.

PÜSCHEL mechanical handling equipment

Mechanical handling equipment is also used for the automation of transfer functions. Power is provided by means of an energy-efficient gear brake motor / servomotor, used where high cycle times are required. Two control cams guarantee a high level of smooth running, and also smooth starting and stopping without any jolting.

In addition to the pneumatic and mechanical devices, our handling technology includes grippers, separators, sorting flaps and tube clamping systems. For accessories, too, “Made by PÜSCHEL” stands for high levels of functionality, sturdiness and accuracy.

PÜSCHEL tube clamping systems

PÜSCHEL’s precision versions of tube clamping systems are suitable for the flexible fitting of components and devices in all positions. A universal layout of systems for fixing and support can be achieved with the following elements:

› Flange, cross and base clamps
› Table stands
› Adjusting rings
› Stand tubes

PÜSCHEL sorting flaps

PÜSCHEL sorting flaps ensure the automatic and secure separating-out of parts which do not correspond to the specified quality parameters.

PÜSCHEL separators

PÜSCHEL separators are flexibly and mechanically adjustable for the secure separating-out of components from a very wide range of magazine rails.



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