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Efficient and high-performance assembly processes

PÜSCHEL automatic assembly machines are the result of the synergy of standardised PÜSCHEL feeding technology and handling technology.

They provide robust, durable solutions to assembly processes in which several processes need to be carried out at the same time.

Feeding, inserting, screwing, laser and ultrasonic welding, riveting, testing, measuring, unloading and palletising are the basic elements of this rational and economical method of manufacturing.

PÜSCHEL automatic assembly machines represent precision and quality just as much as efficiency and flexibility. This is why PÜSCHEL automatic assembly machines are so successful all over the world in a wide range of industries, including the automotive, electrical, electronics, medical, furniture, plastics and sanitary sectors.

We offer our customers automatic assembly machines which perfectly suit their production requirements and the on-site conditions. Flexible work-piece carriers allow the processing of a large number of different components. Conversion and modification are easier thanks to the intelligent adaptation of the processes.

We also support our customers in taking the technical and financial decisions regarding the relevant suitable degree of automation: automated, semi-automated or manual.

PÜSCHEL Automation - automatic assembly machines for efficient and powerful assembly processes

An overview of the quality features

  • sturdy and durable, almost maintenance- and wear-free
  • high level of availability, high degree of utilisation over the entire operating life
  • easily accessible, clear construction thanks to standardised modules
  • high degree of precision
  • comfortable HMI ensures user-friendly handling
  • very good autonomy times thanks to standardised stockpiling systems
  • flexible semi-automated set-up concepts
  • standardised modules ensure good availability of spare parts
  • latest interfaces for remote servicing, operating and process data collection
PÜSCHEL Automation - Our automatic assembly machines stand for precision and quality as well as for efficiency and flexibility.

Customers can build on the best connection for every situation. This applies to our machines just as much as to our team.

PÜSCHEL automisation solutions

  • focus on efficiency and cost effectiveness.focus on efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • are flexible, versatile and easy to handle.
PÜSCHEL Automation - Making progress easy.


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