Feeding technology

PÜSCHEL Automation - Feeding technology for orderly feeding of parts

Vibrating conveyors for your problem-free processes

The basic equipment for all feeding of “arranged” parts requires vibrating conveyors which consist of the drive unit and the top part. They are equipped with an electromagnetic oscillator drive, and the sorting elements are designed specifically for the work-pieces and quantities.

Additional useful equipment:

  • Sound-absorbing hoods for noise minimisation
  • PUR coatings to protect parts
  • Linear vibrating conveyors  which ensure that the individual parts are in the correct position during feeding.

Customer-specific automation requires the reliable and above all long-term supply of the large quantities of parts. For bulk storage, bunker systems with automatically-regulated feed intervals offer maximum autonomy.

PÜSCHEL Automation - Vibratory conveyors for your smooth processes
PÜSCHEL Automation - Standard solutions for various geometries

Standard solutions

PÜSCHEL offers a uniquely wide range of standard solutions for very different geometries such as those of screws/rivets, springs, balls, nuts, discs, rods or pins.

PÜSCHEL standard solutions are available in large numbers ex-warehouse, and can easily be adapted and fitted to meet customers’ specific requirements.

We make use of our know-how and expertise as part of our standard solutions as early as the configuration phase. Customers can take advantage of our tried-and-tested construction kit in order to find the solutions they need. PÜSCHEL standard solutions represent durability, planning security and reliability and the availability of the required components. Easy initial operation is guaranteed.

Module solutions

PÜSCHEL feeding technology forms the basis for the automation of assembly processes. This is because the precise and economical assembly of products or modules depends on the reliable supply of individual parts which are needed. To do this, we guarantee correctly-positioned and trouble-free flow of parts, in addition to the fast, safe, secure and gentle carrying out of all the relevant functions such as bunkering, aligning, orientating, allocating, positioning and inserting.

PÜSCHEL Automation - Modular solutions as the basis of automation



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